The Top 7 Gen2 RPA Advantages

The future of automation has arrived with Robocorp's Gen2 RPA. Discover the top 7 advantages of Gen2 RPA that are changing the automation game forever.

  Parallel processing and dynamic scaling

  The cure for "broken bot syndrome"

  Running automation across multiple-channels

Welcome to the future.

The first generation of RPA tools came with great promise, but also an endless supply of broken bots, high infrastructure costs, and never-ending maintenance.

Gen2 RPA makes good on the promises that came with Gen1 that were never quite delivered.

Top 7 Gen2 RPA Advantages Report

Avero slashed TCO by 62% with Gen2 RPA.

In switching from a Gen1 RPA platform, Avero Diagnostics had Robocorp up and running in just 4 weeks.

The savings were as impactful as they were immediate.


increase in productivity


reduction in processing time


reduction in bot maintenance

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